Key Partners:


Key Funding:



Additional Sponsors:

HV McKay Charitable Trust
Highlands Foundation
Australian Women in Agriculture
Victorian Women's Trust

Team Members and Staff and their Project Roles

Museums Victoria
Liza Dale-Hallett (Lead Curator, Melbourne Museum)
Catherine Forge (Curator, Melbourne Museum)
Sophie Couchman (Curator, Melbourne Museum)

ABC Rural
Daniel Hirst (Program Manager)
Sally Dakis (ABC Open)
Brett Worthington (ABC Open)

Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources
Anna Lottkowitz (Senior Policy Officer)
Sara Hely (Manager Strategic Projects)
Johanna Christensen (Strategic Projects)

Monash University
Margaret Alston (Professor of Social Work)

National Library of Australia
Shelly Grant (Curator)

National Foundation for Australian Women Limited
Anne Buttsworth (Australian Women's Archive Project)
Maggie Shapley (Australian Women's Archive Project)

National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame
Dianna Newham (Curator)

University of Melbourne
Joy Damousi (Professor of History)
Nikki Henningham (Oral Historian, Research Coordinator)
Helen Morgan (eScholarship Research Centre)
Gavan McCarthy (eScholarship Research Centre)

Strategic Advisory Group

Kate Auty
Genevieve Barlow
Liza Dale-Hallett
Alana Johnson
Anna Lottkowitz
Winsome McCaughey