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  • Invisible Farmer image by Catherine Forge featured in, Loud and Luminous: a Celebration of Australian Female Photographers.
  • Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, Focus Magazine, 'Women in Technology: Invisible Farmers Start to Emerge', Number 205, February 2018.
  • Amanda Burdon, "Out of the shadows: The Invisible Farmer Project is Giving Rural Women the Recognition They Have Long Deserved", R.M. Williams Outback Magazine, Issue 116 Dec/Jan 2018: 
  • Loretta Gibson with Catherine Forge, "Invisible Farmer", Victorian Farmer Magazine, Victorian Farmer's Federation, November 2017.
  • Dimi Kyriakou with Catherine Forge, "Shining a Light on the Invisible Farmer Project", Vegetables Australia, November/December 2017.
  • Liza Dale-Hallett and Catherine Forge, 'The Invisible Farmer Project', Southern Gulf NRM Magazine, June 2017:


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