Guiding Principles

The Invisible Farmer Project is underpinned by our guiding principles. These principles form the basis of our research and community engagement activities and seek to honour the contributions of women, past and present, in the key areas of sustainability, connectivity, community and capability.



Building connections and maximising internet connectivity to link:

  • Present and future generations
  • Rural and urban women
  • Agricultural and environmental sectors
  • Indigenous women and their knowledge with diverse forms of agricultural practice
  • Producers and consumers
  • Agriculture and science
  • Australia and the wider world


  • Caring for Country - through transformative land practices
  • Educating peers and the wider community about issues pertaining to sustainable methods and food and fibre production
  • Positioning Australia to respond effectively to innovation and change in:
    • Food production and waste
    • Climate and environment
    • Finance and economy
    • Rural, remote and regional community life
    • Rural and urban development


  • Caring for and building families and communities
  • Celebrating the diversity of rural communities across a myriad of Indigenous and migrant cultures, industry groups and farming practices
  • Leading communities through significant issues, crises and times of change
  • Facilitating cooperation between different communities, industries and interest groups
  • Building community capacity through education and community programs


  • Honouring rural, remote and regional women in their innovative, creative, productive activities and creating opportunities for them to develop their innate skills and competencies
  • Encouraging and fostering women's leadership opportunities
  • Leading communities through significant issues, crises and times of change.